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[03 Jun 2004|03:04am]
[ mood | happy ]

ok, used to say thisCollapse )

Come in for a minute...
Welcome back
It's just me and you in this room right now
There's so many things that are on my mind
Sometimes it's hard to say
So I take all I've got
And so I take all I have
And I put it into this
I put it right here in my diary
Can you feel it?
Take this journey with me...
but now it's the obligatory friends-only post.

[.comment to be added.]
note: i no longer update this journal as a personal one though. . .
i just use it to read friend's entries and track communities.
i use my DeadJournal as my personal one. feel free to ask for
the link to that if you'd like it. :)
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